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On Page SEO Basics

What is On page SEO?

Before On page SEO one should know a little about SEO, How to do SEO?

One has to work on many Points within On Page SEO. This means working according to the guidelines of Search Engines as the Search Engine Code understands.

So the code that search engine understands is necessary to use that code in the right place. There are several Search Engine accessible these days.

But Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world except China. Apart from this, yahoo and Bing are two more major search engines. On page SEO will have to work for all these major search engines.

On page improvement is extremely vital. Off-page, Backlinks or Link building won’t improve your SEO score (abundant) than improvement by On-page.

If your content is sweet (content is the only king) and you created the link and therefore, the person clicked on that link too.

However, your landing page isn’t appealing and content isn’t sensible. This can affect your SEO score. If you check you’ll realize ninety-fifth of SEO is On-page SEO.

Six Parameters of On page SEO:

  1. Keywords
  2. Paragraphs
  3. Quality Pictures
  4. Headings
  5. Links
  6. Bullets

The Importance of On-Page SEO:

Now it comes to what is the Importance of On-Page SEO. So On-Page SEO works as a Pillar (foundation) for any website.

This means that the beginning of the creation of your website starts with On Page SEO. Because On Page SEO is the only thing that can take your website to a higher ranking.

Without proper On Page Optimization, no matter how many backlinks you create, you will not be able to rank.

Due to Proper On Page SEO, your website looks attractive and the visitor spends maximum time in your website.

I think this is enough introduction of On Page SEO, so now let us know which are such On Page SEO Technique, with the help of which you can rank your website or blog in SERP.

To rank your website in 2020, the following points have to be given special attention.

  • Content Optimization
  • User experience
  • Bounce Rate and Dwell Time
  • Search Intent
  • Page loading speed
  • Click-through-rate

Effective ways try to do On page SEO in 2020

  1. Do keywords analysis & analysis supported your business or website niche.
  2. Choose a minimum of 5–6 keywords as well as long-tail keywords.
  3. Keywords volume ought to be high or over five hundred and competition ought to below. Don’t opt for high competition keywords, as a result, it would take a while to rank your website on Google.
  4. Once you chose keywords, then, you would like to put at the proper place- embody your primary or targeted keywords in meta title, description, Headings, Page URLs, Image elevation tag.
  5. Keep every web-page meta title length between 50–60 characters, and outline length ought to be between 150–160 characters. Don’t exceed character limits over given instruction, If you are doing then Google can bring to a halt the characters once the limit.
  6. Don’t forget to incorporate primary keywords in every web-page image elevation tags, as a result, Google can’t scan image however may scan given image elevation text.
  7. Now you have got to induce write content by content author supported your targeted keywords. Don’t do keyword stuffing your keywords density ought to be 2–3%.
  8. Do Internal linking on your every web-page and take a look at to try to do a minimum of 3–4 times.
  9. Create a Sitemap for your website. The sitemap is the assortment of the website pages, It helps Google to crawl all pages quickly place.
  10. Use Canonical tack on your website. It helps Google to grasp concerning your real and duplicate pages.
  11. Use 301 Redirects. If you would like to alter any of your website previous URLs format into new URLs for permanent then, you want to have used 301 Redirection as a result, it passes a 100% juice link.
  12. Design a 404 error page for untouchable pages.
  13. Boost your website speed the maximum amount as you’ll be able to do.
  14. Make sure your website ought to be mobile responsive.
  15. Add breadcrumbs on your website. It helps Google and users to induce path navigation of your website pages.
  16. Optimize your website for voice search.

Importance of content in On-Page SEO

Where technical aspects are important, content is the On-page crucial element because this is the only thing which brings traffic for your site.

But in recent times, content is not of any importance. Rather, the current web users are always on the lookout for relevant, interesting, engaging and informative content which can fulfil their needs.

By the way, there are many types of content such as:

  1. Blogs
  2. Webpage copy
  3. Videos
  4. Infographics
  5. Podcasts
  6. Whitepapers
  7. E-books
  8. Interviews
  9. Case studies
  10. Original research
  11. Reviews
  12. Instructional articles
  13. Quizzes and poles

It is also an important thing that viewers do not like content that requires a login or is a copyrighted material etc.

What are the major factors of On page SEO?

By the way, On-page SEO has a lot of factors. But let’s know something about some specific factors.

Actually, these factors can be divided into two parts, the first is the front end and the second is the back end factors.

Front-End Factors:

This is said to be the factors that are visible to the users who come to visit the site. Let us understand a touch additional regarding them.

  • Value – Does your article give volume to users? Headline, topics and images are the main among these things.
  • User Expertise – Will your website load quickly? Is it straightforward to navigate? Will, it’s opened simply on any device?
  • Keywords and Content – Do your keywords and content optimized for search? In other words, do you use keywords and fridges that you are actually looking for in search engines?
Backend Factors:

In the same back end, Google is creating some operators according to the railway of your page, which includes some things such as:

  • Bot-friendliness – Is your data organized so that Google’s search engine bots are able to easily scroll through them and know what it is about?
  • Metadata – Is there any information about your page in your HTML codes? Such as meta descriptions, URLs, and title tags etc.
  • Mobile-friendliness – Is your site properly optimized for mobile viewing? Is your site design responsive?

Both the frontend and the backend matter to a website when it comes to SEO.

Yoast SEO:

Next factor is Yoast SEO. If you’re beginning your career in SEO. Then Yoast SEO is the best plugin for WordPress. This plugin can tell you concerning the content(headings) etc. keyword density, readability.

Whether you’ve unbroken focus keyword within the starting or not. Focus keyword like I would like to write a journal on SEO. Thus, SEO is my focus keyword.

It’ll automatically advocate me to write my focus keyword. Let’s mention three vital things here. I’ve told you according to Rankbrain, a lot of clicks a lot of  SEO.

Let’s say if a person searched SEO, foremost a result comes: What’s SEO? Or ten verified techniques to rank No. 1. Below this link is: andwithin the description. There’s a decision to action.

The Individual says add keywords within the description. However, you wish to write appealing catchy lines. In order that he opens our link. Rely on it whenever you search one thing on Google.

You open the link once reading the outline right? If that description isn’t appealing, you won’t open it. Some inappropriate or impertinent information. You won’t open it.

Typically, we tend to don’t even open the page as a result we tend to get answers from the outline itself. Thus, the description is extremely vital.

Let’s mention Internal and External linking.

Internal Linking :

It means my pages , I further link to my alternative pages/blogs. Let’s say a page ranks higher. And that I get large traffic too.

If I link different page additionally, chances are high that guests may even see those pages too. A minimum of ten thousand out of one hundred thousand can visit.

Ultimately win-win scenario. We aim to extend our engagement. Our traffic is increasing.

External Linking :

Let’s say I wrote selling. Selling has its meaning. How does Google know? What am I attempting to specific concerning marketing? Typically, internal politics.

Let’s say I’m writing internals of this mobile phone. Internal suggests that specification. Thus, I will link that internal to specification. Google can recognize this.

Google will simply browse our web site. You only ought to execute your content in a simply and additionally to Google bot.

An additional factor our page speed ought to be quick. What we are able to do for that? Keep the image small/compressed. The Server ought to be quick.

By Dharmendra Chahar

Dharmendra Chahar is an accomplished digital marketing specialist and worked with Top E-commerce solution company. He specializes in creating unique content for the B2B world and trends to deliver customized marketing solutions to businesses around the globe. He believes that the key to modern marketing excellence is a constant willingness to learn and adapt to the ever-changing digital world.

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